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our actual spaces in the wide wide web


- cosili


- serafin @ cabaret club


- @ comfortnoise & dub_ex_machina, including "comfortnoise podcast"

- p45 records @ myspace






record label


serafin - erdbeermund ep - p45 004 (2001)

a1) twoonetwo pre-listening (45s/mp3)
a2) hommaginski pre-listening (45s/mp3)
b1) miniboogie pre-listening (45s/mp3)
b2) boardercross pre-listening (45s/mp3)




danelektro - der reverberator ep - p45 003 (2001)

a1) der reverberator pre-listening (45s/mp3)
a2) memory box pre-listening (45s/mp3)
b1) toybox pre-listening (45s/mp3)
b2) pong pre-listening (45s/mp3)




schenker - rabotnik soul ep - p45 002 (2001)

a1) rabotnik soul pre-listening (45s/mp3)
a2) was soll das? pre-listening (45s/mp3)
b) freiheit pre-listening (45s/mp3)



the lucky motion experience - canít get you ep - p45 001 (2001)

a) canít get you pre-listening (45s/mp3)
b) sahara (bonustrack by cosili) pre-listening (60s/mp3)







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